About Teacher's Training college

Teaching in India is a reputable profession that has been looked up for years. Mainly as a women oriented profile, it has now been widely accepted as a unisex profile. Even men enter this arena and get equal amount of respect for teaching.

Teachers in government colleges and government affiliated colleges have salary scales. It could be a 6 year, 10 year and 12 year scale. Accordingly your salary increases over a period of time. However in private schools and colleges the scale has no slabs and no scales. You can be selected and given a hike at anytime depending on your productivity and your knowledge. While a government aided school has its salary beginning from Rs. 8000 – 10000 private schools begin from Rs. 15000 – 20000. However the work timings and amount of work will certainly vary in these two sectors.

What is the eligibility for a teacher?

To teach in a nursery school, a minimum of 10+2 and a teacher training course is required. For primary sections you require the Teacher Training Certificate along with a 10+2 qualification. For secondary section, one has to complete the Bachelor of Education degree. For colleges the teacher has to have a doctoral certificate along with clearing the National Eligibility Test conducted by the University Grants Commission. Some schools have special education; here one would need a 10+2 along with a Special Education Certificate.